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    Rentals exceeding 5 days have unlimited mileage. For daily rentals, we have 150 km. coverage. For monthly rentals, we have 4000 Km. coverage. We have 0,5 TL/Km. charge for rentals exceeding the mileage.
    Regarding the segments, cars are excluded with 800 TL to 2.000 TL rental insurance. On-demand, it can be upgraded with full insurance. In any case of accident, driver of the rental car must have record of accident, police report or report taken from police station. If the report are fully covered and maintained, no extra fee are to be charged.
    Any case of assistance regarding the car needs some repair or service, we assist you on the road 7/24 depending on the location. If you can not drive the vehicle or the vehicle needs to be towed, we replace the car within 48 hours.
    The amount of rental period is withdrawn from your credit card while provision depends on the vehicle brand/model and rental period. Provision includes probable traffic fines, bridge fees, car parking fees etc. so that amount regarding your credit score will be provisioned.
    If the car gets stolen, you need to immediately report it to Roadmark rental office and police or gendarmarie for the matter. You need to declare original car key, registration paper and the report taken from police station declaring that the vehicle is stolen. If you supply all the documents, you won't be responsible for the incident.
    If the car hits another car or involved in an accident, the days of the maintenance won't be charged to rentee unless the driver is 100 % not-guilty of the accident happened or the driver is not under the influence of alcoholic beverage or any other drug related substance. If these are the cases, then rentee must cover the expenses incurred during the accident.
    Cars we have are registered as rental cars, insured with the policy. Our services rely on corporate services with the customer-oriented approach .
    Prices are included with 18 % VAT, no extra or hidden charge are dued at the time of picking the car.
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